Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Naked poker anyone?

Many gaming sites are using images of buxom, half-dressed women to draw people to their homepage. takes it a step further by featuring these women as an integral part of its gaming experience. As one reporter observed, the site looks like a combination of Maxim and “Girls Gone Wild.”

How does the sexual imagery interact with poker? Actually, the pairing is much like Pavlovian “classical conditioning” on steroids in that it pairs to two highly arousing and motivating stimuli. Over time, the feelings evoked by thoughts of poker also trigger thoughts and feelings associated with sexual images of women, and “vice” versa.

In the case of, the site is being branded as a gaming experience that offers something extra (sex) compared to other poker sites. In addition, with promotions like the chance to win a date with June 2006 Playboy Playmate Stephanie Larimore, the site offers even the biggest geek an opportunity for fantasy fulfillment.