Monday, February 04, 2013

Top Five Sexiest 2013 Super Bowl Ads

Another Super Bowl in the books. This year's big game was a down to the wire, but the Ravens prevailed despite a determined 49er's comeback effort. Regardless, research shows that people are as apt to tune in for the ads as much as for the on-field action.

As usual, several ads in this year's big game contained sexual themes and/or imagery. Here is our list of the five sexiest Super Bowl ads in 2013 plus some honorable mentions. View all the the Super Bowl ads at USA Today and tell us what you think.

5.  Tie:  Best Buy - Asking Amy / Audi - Prom
Amy Poehler asks as lot of questions of her Best Buy associate that become increasingly playful:  "Do you deliver? No, I mean, do you deliver?" And "Does it make you uncomfortable when I use the word 'dongle?' Playful for sure. And "Will this one read 50 Shades of Grey to me in a sexy voice? Will you?" Again, playful and flirty. Nothing over the top but humorous and one sure to go over the kids' heads.

Lots of interesting messages in this Audi spot, but a protracted smooch with the prom queen earns this commercial from Venables Bell a tie for top five. Long kisses was a theme in this year's Super Bowl (see Go Daddy's spot at #2).

4.  Speed Stick:  Laundry
Fairly classic theme with a young man caught inadvertently folding a strangers underwear at the laundromat. Totally innocent, of course, but he does insert his foot into mouth at the end. Again, a tired theme but almost any ad with undergarments will get on the list.

3.  Axe:  Lifeguard
Eye candy for both men and women alike, Axe's latest effort attempts to prove that astronauts (that wear Apollo) are more desirable than sexy lifeguards--even those who duke it out with great whites. Humorous spot with a predictable ending. Reminiscent of Baywatch with plenty of chiseled hunks and skimpy bikinis, this spot is definitely qualifies as sex in advertising.

2.  Perfect Match
Featuring supermodel Bar Refaeli--is DiCaprio jealous?--the spot features an extreme closeup of Bar (sexy) slurpily kissing (meets) nerd (smart). Word is that the domain-name marketer had its busiest day for online traffic last night. Like it or not, there is little doubt that sexual content has served to distinguish Go Daddy from the competition. As one colleague said, "Ask most Americans to name another domain marketer."

1.  Calvin Klein:  Concept
Also disliked by most viewers (USA Today's Ad Meter) and panned by Ad Age, this spot was nonetheless, the sexiest spot of 2013 Super Bowl. Who can argue that this spot was a blatant example of beefcake in the extreme. The spot from Calvin Klein created awareness its Concept line of underwear.

Honorable Mentions
Kia: HotBots; M & Ms: Love Ballad; and Mercedes-Benz: Soul.