Thursday, January 31, 2008

Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl ad no secret

According to Ad Age and many news sites, Victoria’s Secret will be airing it’s first Super Bowl ad since 1999. Can it have been that long?

Like many people, I still remember VS’s first commercial during the big game. That spot, described by Adweek’s Barbara Lippert as containing plenty of “jiggle,” beckoned viewers to the lingerie marketer’s website for its first ever online “fashion” show. Eager visitors quickly crashed the server.

The new spot supposedly rides the line between taste and sleaze. Fun and “flirtatious” are adjectives used to describe the commercial. According to Age Age’s Natalie Zmuda, the commercial “features Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima, a football and words that will scroll across the screen.” Ed Razek, Limited Brands’ president, also noted that the commercial will have a different approach than previous VS themes. The spot will air during the second half of the game and be available on VS's website.

This year’s Super Bowl ads are fetching an average of $2.7 million (a record) and advertisers are optimistic that the contest will entice a record number of viewers--94 million watched the game in 1996. With the Pats flirting with a perfect season, a record number of viewers seems likely.