Friday, August 24, 2007

Sexy seniors

A new study shows that seniors are more sexually active, both mentally and physically, than previously thought. That might explain the approach for this Cenegenics ad that ran this summer in USA Today and various in-flight magazines.

The ad touts Cenegenics, a multifaceted weight-loss program, with before-and-after pics of Dr. Jeffry Life, a 67-year-old physician. Readers are naturally drawn to the good doctor’s physique, but the incongruence between mug and body maintain attention as viewers deal with the visual distortion. Nothing against older men, but when was the chiseled chest of a silver-haired senior last used to sell anything? Anticipating this response, the ad explicitly states: “This photo is not digitally enhanced.”

As recent vacation photos indicate, Putin may be a Cenegenics client as well.

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