Thursday, May 01, 2008

Vassarette's repositioning

Behold the latest Vassarette ad. It appeared in a recent issue of Redbook.

Earlier this decade Vassarette attempted to reposition itself as “sexy” with some smart ads designed by The Martin Agency. I’m not sure, however, if they were able to shake their department store, white/beige “basics” image. The Martin Agency’s ads lasted only a couple of years.

A Cross Between VS and Wonderbra

The current attempt looks like a Victoria’s Secret ad with a Wonderbra appeal: “May all your bad hair days go unnoticed.” The design appears have changed, however, as have the names: “The Real Sexy Crazy In Love Bra.” Vassarette is a Vanity Fair brand, which may or may not still be controlled by VF Corporation (the receptionist at Vanity Fair is not authorized to say at this time).

Victoria’s Secret had a major impact on the intimatewear category. Many competing brands have felt compelled to reposition themselves as “sexy.” Vassarette is no exception.

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JJ Blu said...

Just noticed that Vassarettes has a "sexy" ad on a faux-band of four women perform rock and roll to adoring concert audience, while attired in flouncy skirts and - of course - bras, but no shirts/blouses. Would like to hear your take on this campaign.