Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sexy jet-setters fly Korean Air

“Only sexy supermodels fly with us.” That’s the impression one gets from a recent Korean Airlines commercial designed especially for audiences in the U.S.

Incorporating “high brow” images ranging from partially nude women to sexual innuendo, the Korean Air spot looks more like a high profile, risqué perfume ad rather than an airline commercial. Instead of scenes showing off its fleet or multitude of destinations, which is typical in this category, Korean Air opts to brand themselves with a variety of glamorized sex-in-advertising tropes such as nudity, sexual behavior, and physical attractiveness. There is even a nod to shoe fetish.

Maybe the approach is a smart one. If you have a choice when flying to Asia, why not fly with a sexy, high-brow airline? Apparently that’s what Korean marketers assume is motivating to its potential U.S. customers. Based on America’s obsession with sex, it’s not an assumption too far from the mark.

--Posted by Rachel Jackson

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Chris said...

I've seen this ad many times but was just watching it again and clued into the obvious sexual reference where the male model literally "pops his cork" of champagne. Pretty funny! This reminds me of one course on advertising I took at Syracuse University and discussing the sexual images contained in a an Ad that featured a glass of ice!