Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sex in advertising: Jenna Jameson, lip gloss, and chili beans

Jenna Jameson, lip gloss, and... chili beans? Several posts this week reveal the lurid—and sadly humorous—side of advertising.

Breaking March 10, (former?) porn star Jenna Jameson will be modeling a “pleather” bikini in a PETA campaign. Also breaking this week, Hanes is debuting its “wedgie free” panty campaign on Tuesday’s American Idol. Speaking of underwear, a few voyeuristic shots are intentionally shown in animated promos recently produced for FX’s Dirt starring Courtney Cox.

In the viral video department, VH1 Charm School’s Sapphyri stars in an video promoting her line of lip gloss. I’m still trying to figure out the thinking behind her video: It’s clearly designed to appeal to men but women must buy the stuff.

Last, in a twist on sex and food, a video for features a couple smearing each other with Roquefort, vegemite, and canned chili beans. The tagline: “What you do with your groceries… Your business. Saving money on your groceries… Our business.”

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