Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hitler has sex in a shocking AIDS PSA


This extremely steamy AIDS awareness PSA featuring Adolf Hitler is almost too much to handle.

I’m not alone: The spot is creating media attention and controversy among AIDS groups. The PSA, designed to make its splash during World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) reportedly will be aired in Germany after 9 PM because of its sexual content. The campaign—which also contains posters of Saddam Hussain and Josef Stalin, was designed by the German agency “das comitee” to be very hard hitting. That goal is achieved. Some groups are complaining that the spot stigmatizes AIDS carriers and associates them with mass murder.

The spot is likely to draw in viewers with its nudity and graphic carnality. Viewers only see the man’s face—that of Hitler—at the very end.

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N said...

Hi Tom

I have to agree with you on the rawness of the commercial, but that is not quite a bad thing is it? I guess that in this case it is appropriate if proves effective in getting the audience to reflect on the contents. Sometimes "shock" visuals or context can prove efficient for a worthwhile cause.

I also take this oportunity to say that really like your blog.