Monday, November 16, 2009

Sexual social marketing for HIV/AIDS

Controversy is brewing about some sexually explicit posters hyping the Minnesota AIDS Walk. The organization is using skin to create awareness about the event, and headlines such as "How much will you raise?"

The campaign also includes outtakes of the photo shoot that are posted on YouTube. The videos will probably raise as much if not more awareness than the posters.

Brent Mackie's masters thesis contains a comprehensive review of sexually-explicit promotional approaches for HIV/AIDS campaigns. The idea, especially for the posters, is to grab attention and raise attention among those in the target audience. Some people think the sexual approach stereotypes Gays and that advertisers should appeal to our higher instincts. But Mackie's interviews with campaign organizers reveal that they believe the materials should speak directly to the people most at risk--young Gays in this case.

If creating attention and awareness are the goal, these messages will effectively spread the word.


Tom Reichert said...

See recent article by Kristin Tillotson in the Star Tribune:

Ciopasiu said...

Hello, i'm a student and i'm writing a paper about the effects of erotic and sexual messages in commercials. Can you tell me any recent studies, experiments made in this field?
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