Thursday, December 14, 2006

D&G’s new sexy watch commercial

Just in time for the holidays, Dolce & Gabbana, the Italian design house, is running a new commercial in the US for its watch collection. Known for its sexually provocative print ads, D&G’s watch spot doesn’t disappoint. According to one viewer, the commercial is “basically a montage of camera angles and situations that get more and more sexualized.” With a Euro club-scene feel, the ad features shirtless muscular men running their hands over similarly exposed women. With lots of hot glitz and pseudo-glamour, D&G is branding itself as sexually provocative. Some products, especially fashion and accessories, are successfully sold this way. Not all, but some consumers, especially those who are young, want to cover themselves in brands that transmit a similar meaning.


Sinful Signorita said...

I fail to comprehend the over dependency of 'sex' in everything and anything in advertisements. I am of course a fashion designer but no way do I agree with 'sexy' anytime, anywhere.

pebbles said...

this commercial is disgusting and I am TOTALLLY offended by it...I am contacting the company NOW!