Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A new spin on "position-seeking" ads

Reports are that Durex out of Australia is running ads "in search of" condom testers. Interested parties are encouraged to register on Durex's website for the young man's ultimate "bragging rights" job: "Hmm... sounds like you had a great internship but guess what I did last summer?"

A look at the website reveals that the opportunity probably has more to do with a viral (of the internet variety) campaign than serving as a participant in a Masters and Johnson study. On the sign up page, you submit not only your name and email address but that of two friends. And instead of spending your summer at the Durex laboratory, it's more likely that the condom marketer sends you condoms and you provide feedback via an internet survey, if and when, that is, you use them. The image of the woman in the accompanying ad certainly gives one the false impression that she and others like her will be involved in the testing.

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