Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Victoria’s Secret offers unique coupon

To highlight its “Vintage Victoria” efforts, Victoria’s Secret is once again offering the ultimate in sales promotion—a “free panty.” Brochures with coupons were recently direct mailed to past customers. No purchase is necessary and customers can also get $10 off a new bra.

Sales promotion, such as coupons, sweepstakes, and free stuff, is designed to stimulate action; to move merchandise. These tactics drive prospects or lapsed customers into the store. In this case, Victoria’s Secret is using sales promotion to get women into stores to see the new line.

Victoria’s Secret is known for its sexy Super Bowl ads and network broadcast fashion shows. But VS’s status as a leading intimatewear brand is largely built on its direct marketing efforts. It’s catalogs are ubiquitous, reaching millions of customers each month. One study found that 88% of male Stanford MBA students read the catalog on a regular basis.

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