Friday, February 22, 2008

Sexiest ads of the Oscars

Stay-tuned for our ranking of the sexiest ads of the "Super Bowl for women." Sunday's telecast of the Academy Awards typically represents the second largest television event of the season. Last year approximately 40 million tuned in (60% women) which is a "mega" turnout in today's fragmented media world.

According to Ad Age's Brian Steinberg, this year's advertisers include: Coca-Cola, P&G, American Express, Unilever, JC Penney, L'Oreal, Mars, McDonalds, Mastercard, GMC, and Walt Disney. Noticeably absent are this year's scintillating Super Bowl advertisers such as Given the high composition of females watching the telecast, sexual appeals will not be as brazen or potentially offensive as programming with a high male audience.

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