Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Arby's "Birthday" commercial

Ben, one of our esteemed alums, sent me a link to this Arby's fast food commercial where the fast food marketer plays a central role in a husband/wife roleplay fantasy. It's the one where she dresses as an Arby's employee to serve her husband an Arby's combo.

A quick search reveals that the "Birthday" spot shows up on several family blogs with comments like: "I totally see me and Barry doing this," and "I love this commercial." The spot doesn't rank high on the "taste" meter but it evokes chuckles nonetheless as it pokes fun at men and their fantasies.

Several bloggers noted the "subliminal" factor in the commercial; the Arby's hat boinking above the man's head as she emerges from the bathroom. In fact, the symbolism is hardly masked which pretty much disqualifies it as a truly subliminal tactic.

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Osama Bin Jammin said...

While I appreciate any advertising that promotes discussion and serves as fodder for social observation, I thought it was creepy at best. If you want to throw sex into advertising, I just think you can do so with a bit more subtlety.