Friday, December 19, 2008

Axe taps Facebook to reach college men

Axe is dangling tantalizing trips to European cities to get college men to funnel their buddies to an Axe Facebook page.

Axe is touting weeklong grand prize excursions to Rome, Paris, and Madrid as tongue-in-cheek "Study Abroad"opportunities. A quarter page ad in Univerity of Georgia's Red & Black directs men to the contest's website. The ad features pictures of young beauties and the promise of "learning the language of love." Contestants must be 18-to-24-year-old males enrolled F08 in an institution of higher learning. Winners are determined by the largest number of male friends registered on Axe's Facebook page.

Each grand prize winner, there are four, can take three friends to a destination city. In Paris, for instance, contestants can discover why it is "known as the city of romance, and get to know firsthand the age-old art of French kissing." In Rome, one can expect to find young beauties who "like to strip down and jump into fountains." In Marid, the "hot senoritas" like to "frolic into the afterhours."

Unfortunately, the contest only provides the flight, room, spending money, and a Flip recorder and Marmot bag. Contestants must ignite their own romantic opportunities. Pity the young women in these cities when the "Study Abroad" winners touch down with their amorous expecations.

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