Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A sexy twist on organ donation

A Belgian agency recently won an award for best non-profit ad by putting a sexy twist on a topic known to be a conversation killer.

Duval Guillaume, a 200-person outfit, produced "Reborn to be Alive" campaign to get people talking about organ donation and to make them aware that in Belgium one needs to sign up (opt-in) to be a donor.

Similarly in the U.S., states require you to "opt-in" to become an organ donor. If not, your next of kin is asked to make the decision if something happens to you. Unfortunately, many people don't talk about their wishes because it grosses them out or--"knock on wood"--talking about it might make it happen.

The accompanying ad, "Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her," appeared in a leading Belgian men's magazine. According to the awarding publication, the campaign is a "sexy and surprising interpretation of a serious topic." The ad is a definite example of how sex in advertising can be used to promote prosocial issues. Whether this ad is in good taste or appropriate for audiences other than Maxim readers is completely different issue.

Sex appears to be on the minds of Duval Guillaume. Consider some of the campaigns it showcases on its site.

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Alpha Wolf said...

Hi Tom,

Well I happen to be a pickup artist (PUA) and I work in marketing, so your Sex in Advertising blog was really, really interesting to read.

Personally I think ads work because of the more subtle features, rather than the over the top sexual imagery. It would be interesting to see the statistical analysis of how effective sex advertising is. Martin Lindstrom briefly talks about it in Buyology (he also refers to your blog in the book!)